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A Scottish art buyer who paid £22,500 in 2008 for a drawing “Boy with Big Boots” by artist Joan Eardley sent the drawing in to be cleaned. To everyone’s surprise they found a second painting hidden inside the frame when it was removed. The new painting was an oil painting, also by Eardley, depicting a young boy and worth about four times as much as the other ... read more >>

Suppose you went to an exhibition and purchased a painting representing a breakfast scene. On this painting a lot of items are shown on a table and a maid prepares the breakfast. The maid is as much a part of the scenery as the bowl of fruits she touches. Wallpaper pattern seems to flow into the tablecloth; a window to a garden with some trees and a little building ... read more >>

Quarrels about payment are pretty common. A painting made in 1579 was the subject of a law suit because of payment troubles. The painting was titled El Espolio, the disrobing of Christ, and made by El Greco (whose real name was Domenicos Theotocopoulos) for the priests of the sacristy of the cathedral of Toledo. It is a picture in which Christ is bullied by Roman soldiers. A carpenter is busy making what appears to be ... read more >>

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