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Artist profile: Heleen van Deenen
Born and raised in a village filled on the borders of a lake, with tiny plots of wood and a lot of farmland, I grew up in an amazingly green environment near Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Nowadays a grey jungle of viaducts and asphalt roads encircle the village, it still remains a blot of green. I consider green to be one of the most attractive colors but also very difficult to get the right hue.

Inspiration I get from observing nature; black and white photographs and light reflections.

I could easily fill a library with all the artists I admire, so I will limit myself in mentioning: Francisco de Goya y Lucientes; Adriaen Brouwer; Paul Gaugain; Emily Carr; Antonio Gaudi; Joan Eardley; Edgar Degas; Chaim Soutine; Eugene Atget; Edvard Munch; Fauvism; Friedensreich Hundertwasser; Tom Thomson; Amrita Sher-Gil; Soga Shohaku; Zhu Da; Piotr Williams; Tilsa Tsuchiya; Henri Matisse; Max Ernst; George H. Breitner; Constant Permeke; moonlit nights of Jan Sluyters; Li-Ke-Jan (also known as Li Keran); Kathe Kollwitz, Rembrandt, and rockart.

I have studied with a couple of teachers, one whom I want to mention, Igor Kusmirak, a sculptor who taught me figure painting and clay modelling. Painting and drawing I have studied at the Nieuwe Tekenakademie at Amsterdam and lithographs with Ina Brekelmans. Ceramics with Det Smeets. For my photograpy I am in debted to (writer) Rob Keyzer and (painter and photographer) Shapour Ghasemi, one for providing me with cameras and a model, the other with directions. In the winter months, I draw from models with other artists.

Exhibitions archive Amsterdam: at the Jos Art Gallery; Dental Hospital Prinsengracht; Zaal 100; University of Amsterdam at Turfdraagsterpad 9; the Library at the Bushuis Kloveniersburgwal 48, Maagdenhuis, May 10/25 2012 and again March 2016; Galerie Overtoom Amsterdam 2017; Science Park Amsterdam 2018 Zaanstad: city hall May/June 2011; Zaansgroen 2014; Westzijde 136 (Spitshuis) 2015; Het Weefhuis Zaandijk October 2018

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