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Suppose you went to an exhibition and purchased a painting representing a breakfast scene. On this painting a lot of items are shown on a table and a maid prepares the breakfast. The maid is as much a part of the scenery as the bowl of fruits she touches. Wallpaper pattern seems to flow into the tablecloth; a window to a garden with some trees and a little building and two chairs are to be seen. All this mostly painted in a striking GREEN colour.

Picture your surprise when after the exhibition, the painting is sent to you, and you unpack it, thrilled at the prospect of it hanging magnificently above the sofa, and the same charming scene is at last in front of you... the dominant clour turns out to be RED!

In 1909 this happened to a buyer called Sergei Sjtsjoeki, a great art collector. He did not send the painting back to the artist who made the alterations, but kept it. He commissioned the same painter to paint two more canvasses, one called dance, the other music, both now very famous paintings.

The painter who changed the colour of his painting even after it was sold, was Henri Matisse and he was undoubtedly a perfectionist. The breakfast scene was originally painted predominantly in....BLUE.

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